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The Endymion String Quartet

String Quartet and String Trio hire

Manchester & UK wide


Travel and costs

  1. How much are the travel costs?

    The prices on the website include travel costs within a 30 mile radius. We charge extra for petrol, car wear and tear plus the extra travel time for events outside this radius. 

  2. How far are we willing to travel?

    We travel througout the UK and even abroad although fees will be higher for locations outwith a 30 mile radius of manchester.

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  1. Do you need to provide any thing for us?

    One armless chair per player arranged where you would like us to be and good light.

  2. How often and for how long do we take breaks?

    We usually need to take a break every hour or so for around 10 minutes. We can work our breaks around your schedule however.

  3. What if one of us cannot make it to the event?

    If one of us is ill or cannot make it for any reason, we always have a choice of highly skilled backup players to choose from. They will also be comfortable with the repertoire.

  4. How loud will the music be?

    We can adjust our volume level according to your requirements. If we are playing background music for a small gathering then we can play more quietly but if you need us to play for a large party of people who are all talking then ofcourse we can pump up the volume! For Asian weddings or events in large halls or with over 200 guests, we also have a PA system available for an extra cost- See the extras on our Prices page. See the PA system FAQs for more details

  5. Do you need to provide refreshments/food?

    It is your choice whether you provide food and drink. If the quartet are playing for over 2 and a half hours, a light meal and some drinks would be much appreciated, to coincide with a break.

  6. How much space will we need?

    An area 3 metres by 2 metres will be sufficient for the String Quartet or 2mx2m for the String Trio

  7. Do we have Public Liability Insurance?

    Yes we are covered for up to £10 million.

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Booking and Payment

  1. How do I make a booking?

    We require a non-refundable deposit to secure your booking. This can be paid by bank transfer, cheque or cash. The remaining fee can be paid by transfer up to 3 days before the performance (it must clear beforehand) or in cash on arrival the day.

    We do not accept cheques on the day and if the cash is not paid on arrival, we may ask for it before we begin playing and reserve the right not to play until the full balance has been received.

    Paypal is also an option-please enquire!

  2. I need a string quartet for tomorrow!

    If you want to book us at short notice please call us as soon as possible with as much information as possible. We are available at short notice providing we are free on the date.

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Our services

  1. Do we play outside?

    Yes, we will play outside weather permitting! If it is raining we will need adequate shelter however we cannot play in windy weather or in temperatures below 17 degrees Celsius. We also need shade if there is bright sunlight as this can damage our instruments.

  2. Can you advise me on what music will be appropriate for my event?

    Yes! Please give us a call or e-mail us and we will discuss the types of music which will suit your event. If you have any requests we will try our best to fulfil your requirements.

  3. How Long can we play for?

    We can be present at an event for a whole day where the performances are spread out. However as we charge an hourly rate, it is better, if you are on a budget, to limit performance slots to stay within a smaller time frame.

  4. Can we arrange any piece of music?

    We can arrange nearly any piece of music providing that you give us one month's notice. An extra fee is usually chargeable for this service due to the extra work invoved.

  5. What will we wear?

    Our standard dress is dinner jackets and bow ties for the men and elegant black for the women. However, we are happy to wear something different if you require. Please let us know in advance what your taste is!

    We also have suitably authentic costumes for our Bollywood bookings.

  6. How does the string trio/duo work?

    The string trio is made up of a violin, viola and cello. It can also be 2 violins and a cello if you wish. The string trio can play most of the same repertoire that is listed on the repertoire page but it is slightly more limited. The duo is 2 violins and has a more limited repertoire. Therefore it is more suited to events with shorter playing times such as wedding ceremonies.

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PA system and Amplification

  1. Do i need a PA system for my event?

    If your event is in a large hall or banqueting suite with room for over 200 guests, a PA system will boost the musician's sound enabling people in all areas of the room to hear it. rather than only those closest.

  2. How much extra will it cost to hire the PA system

    Please see our prices page: http://www.endymionstringquartet.com/prices.htm

    The extra cost is to cover the equipment running costs and the extra time setting up and soundchecking.

  3. Is the PA system included in your prices

    No, unfortunately, we charge an extra cost to hire the PA system to amplify the quartet, trio or violin duo as this covers equipment costs and extra set up time. If you hire, Amy as a solo violin however, her small PA system for up to 200 guests is included in the solo violin prices and packages as solo violin is often too quiet without this and Amy plays her backing tracks through it.

  4. Do I need to hire a PA system for Amy Fields Violinist?

    If your event is in a large hall and you have over 200 guests, there  are a few options available. 

    1) Amy can plug into the DJ's system if you have a DJ 

    2) Amy can bring a large PA system for up to 800 guests for an extra cost. If you have less than 200 guests, you will not need this as Amy brings a speaker for amplification included in the regular price.

    3) You can hire a PA system separately 

    Amy will not rely on a venue sound system unless there is someone specifically in charge of it who she can contact before and who will be available on the day to manage it.

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  1. If I cancel the booking, what are the procedures?

    If the event is cancelled more than 160 days before the event , the deposit will be retained as it is non refundable.

    If the event is cancelled:

    Up to 160 days before the event: 50% of total fee will be payable

    Up to 90 days before the event: 100% of total fee will be payable

    All cancellation fees must be received within 14 days of the Event Date or legal action will be taken. Interest on outstanding fees is 5% per week. 

  2. If you cancel a booking, what are the procedures?

    If we have to cancel a booking (this has never happened) for reasons outwith our control such as car crash, death etc. the full fee including deposit will be refunded to the client. Incase of illness or breakdown, we will always do our best to find other musicians or emegency transport even at the last minute.

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Choosing Your Music

  1. How do I go about choosing my music?

    Please read this guide on the repertoire page that we have put together. It should hopefully answer all your questions and give you some ideas for what to choose:


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